Reclaim Your Feminine Power

3 Month Online Course to Making You and Your Dreams a Priority!

Do you ever feel disrespected by men?

Do you ever feel invisible or unsatisfied in your job?

Do you feel stuck on how to create a life that is fulfilling and prosperous? 

If you said, yes to any of the above then it is time for you to..


So many women give their power away and they do not even realize it. If you have given your power away in your job,  health or relationship it is time to take it back and live the life you are here to live. 

If you’re like most women, you might be confused about what Feminine Power means. 

The truth is, femininity isn’t weak, and it’s not about what you look like.

Your Feminine Power is WHO YOU ARE at the core! 

It is an energy found deep within. It is your TRUE essence, and it’s the power that resides within you that makes you a magnet to attracting everything you DESIRE! 

Secrets Every Woman Needs To Know

1. You have within you the highest power in the universe that can profoundly quantum leap you into the desired reality you want.

2. When you remember how to access and purify this power, you can recreate your life to be exactly what you desire it to be. 

3. There is a part of you that has never been wounded, hurt or damaged. This part of you is greater than all of your life experiences combined. 

It time for you to remember who you truly are.

The Reclaim Your Feminine Power Level One is an introduction to  powerful feminine leadership practices that  will help you create a solid foundation so you can rise up and become the best version of yourself.  Once you register the program is yours forever! 

So why is it important for you to reclaim your feminine power?

If you forget your femininity…men are not going to treat you like the Goddess you are. 

If you you are unclear about your wants, needs or desires, the universe is not able to bring you what you want. 

In order to have the love you seek, the success, the prosperity or the respect you desire, you will first need to reclaim your Feminine Power.

Many women have given their power away in their relationships, with their family and in the workplace. This depletion of power has caused many women to suffer from exhaustion, fatigue and self doubt. Reclaiming your feminine power is the first step in living the life you are here to live.

This course is Level One and is designed to be simple yet effective. As you implement the practices step by step you will begin to feel lighter, have more focus on what you want and what you will no longer tolerate in your life. You will also be more in alignment with the calling of your own soul.

This program is offered over a 12 week period. Each week you will receive   POWERFUL practices that open you up to receiving the next weeks practices. This course allows you to take your time and move through the practices step by step so you can begin to build a solid foundation in who you are and who you want to be. 

Each practice is offered in  audio, text, pdf,  or video format.

I trust you will enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

In Gratitude, 

Karen Klassen

Your Breakthrough Coach to higher love and prosperity!

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Karen Klassen
Karen Klassen
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About the instructor

Karen Klassen is dedicated to empowering those who are ready to share their message with the world. Karen is also an Inspirational Speaker, a Certified Facilitator, and a Breakthrough Coach. Karen is an International Amazon Bestselling Author of 3 books. Here passion is coaching women to write a book they can be proud of and become an Amazon Bestseller.  For the past 15 years she has empowered couples, individuals and business owners to cultivate their brilliance and live the life they dream of from the inside out. Karen shares how anyone no matter what they have done, not done or who they are, can spiral up and experience freedom, peace of mind and live a beautiful life. You can learn more about Karen at

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5 Videos
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Introduction to Level One of Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

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